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SEPRO - Centrifugal Finishing Machine

Sepro - Centrifugal Finishing Machine
Sepro - Centrifugal Finishing Machine
Applications :  
Deburring Watch Components to Jewellery & Engine Castings
Descaling Plastic Articles to Carbide Cutting Tools
Smoothening Surgical & Orthopedic Parts to Hand 
Mirror Polishing Bearing Accessories to Auto Mobile Parts
Pre-Plating Finish  
Cornor Reducing Finishing of almost anything you think off.
Salient Features :
* Fixed Barrels & Removable Barrels
* Media & Components Separator
* PBR / Polyurethane Lining
* Straight & Inclined Barrels
* Variable Speed Drive
Advantages :
* Most Efficient & Consistent results.
* No skill required.
* Delicate & Tiny Parts also possible.
* Much faster than any other systems.
* Increased production.
SEPRO Centrifugal Finishing Machine has got numbers of specially designed Barrels, rotating at high speed in a planetary system. The components to be deburred / finished are loaded into barrels, along with specific proportion of media, water & finishing compound. Then the machine is run to make components and media along with compound roll over each other, and interact rigorously under pressure, exerted by centrifugal force generated due to high speed of barrels, resulting in desired finish of components. Of course the finish depends on the type and size of media, shape of the barrels, type and composition of chemicals selected based on vast experience and knowledge, cycle time given and more important, the speed of turret & barrels.
We are having a capable team of design engineers, who can design the special machines to suit specific need of our valuable Customers, where the components can not be accommodated into our present range, OR the desired results on a specific components are need to be enhanced.
We carry out free trials of the sample to Deburred / Finished at our pilot plant. Kindly arrange to spend the sample components on returnable basis, to carry out trial at our end to enable you to access the capability of our machine. In the mean time kindly let us know the details of your components like material of Construction, Shapes, Sizes, Weight, Quantity etc. & the finish expected, to enable us to study the type of media, chemical and configuration of machine to carry out the trial inline with your exact requirement. Our conception is lower products cost, which we pass on to you through cost effective prices. Test our efficiency & capability right now, no matter whether you are already using similar machine or intending to introduce finishing system. An enquiry to us pays you immediately.
Special purpose deburring / finishing, quality media in terms of grade, shape and size to suit specific components for achieving desired finish. To achieve better and faster finish special purpose chemicals are also available.
  Removal Barrels without Separator Fix Barrels with Separator
CFM-10 CM-30 CFM-60 CFM-75 CFM-100 CFM-200
Total Volume (Ltrs.) 10 30 60 75 100 200
PBR Lining (mm) 10 10 12 12 12 15
Motor HP 1.5 3 5 10 15 20
Vibratory Finishing Machine For Finishing of Components
Gyroscreen For Wet & Dry Screening
Vibro Dryer For Stain & Residue Free Drying
Ball Burnishing For Mirror like Polishing
Separator For Separation of Media, Water & Components

SEPRO - Centrifugal Finishing Machine    |   SEPRO - Gyroscreen    |   SEPRO - Vibratory Finishing Machine
SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter

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