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SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter

SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter
The "SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter" is a revolutionary and pioneering development in band filter technology and Engineered to precision, suited for high flow rate and dirt content. The "SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter" has no relative movement, between the conveyor, filter paper, wheels and sludge drivers. Even large amounts of dirt and contamination, cannot damage the filter paper. The system requires up to 80 per cent less space, than a conventional band filters available, without any restrictions in terms of filtration output and cleaning efficiency.

How Sepro Compact Band Paper Filter -

In our "SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter" an endless sturdy metal-jointed band conveyor, is fitted to form a Semicircular loop between two rotating disc wheels. The filter paper is inserted between the Disc Wheels and the tensioned conveyor. The medium to be filtered is introduced into the tank, through the central inlet pipe. By positioning the pipe centrally, the medium to be filtered can be received directly from the machine by gravity, into the filter unit, lift pump is not required.

The turbulent zone at the band inlet produces an arc-filter effect, which keeps the filter paper free of dirt and hence permeable at this point. The particles settle in the non-turbulent area of the filter reservoir, to form a cake. The cake itself acts as an additional filter media layer, thereby enhancing the filtration effect even further. A pool forms gradually as the particle deposits build up on the paper. Depending on the type of filter, high hydrostatic pressure difference produced in this way, helps to ensure that the filter paper is used with maximum efficiency.

As the open area of media reduces, the maximum preset level in the tank is reached, geared motor switches on and pulls new filter paper from the reel, without any interruption to the filtration process. The filtration from the fresh media paper starts, level in the tank sinks and the conveyor stops automatically. At the same time the sludge and used filter paper are discharged on the other end of the tank. If required a push button switch may also be used, for manually operating the geared motor and to bring the fresh paper forward, as desired by operator time to time.

Individual sludge scrapers are fitted between the wheels, to handle larger volumes of sludges. These drivers remove all sludge and coarse chips, without damaging the filter paper. The entire filtration process runs fully automatic. The diameter of the paper roll is also monitored by a special sensor and a signal is given when the paper is low, all kinds of customized automation is possible.

Various grades of Filter papers are available, to achieve the desired filtration effect. Filtration can be further improved, for fine dirt application by using pre-coat techniques.

Advantages Of Sepro Compact Band Paper Filter-
*  Improvement in Product Finish.
*  Improved Tool Life.
*  Improvement of Coolant/ Oil Life
*  Improvement in rate of Production
*  Improvement in Surface Finish / Ra Value
*  Keeps your machine clean & reduces costly machine down time
*  Avoids bacterial growth and wastage of expensive coolants.
Salient FeatureS :
* "SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter" requires 10% - 20% space that of Gravity Band Filter. This means reduction of valuable floor space up 801% on     shop floor.
* Hydrostatic Head available with "SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter" removes the impurities effectively and rapidly.
* Paper consumption is less by almost 50% as compared to conventional Gravity Band Filers.
* In view of the excellent filtration efficiency, less expensive and water based emulsions, can be used, which are more enviroment friendly and hazard     free.
* Efficient way of filtration, guarantee fine finish, dimensional accuracy, increased tool life.
* Purifying and restoring hydraulic oil, machine oil, coolant oil and various other oils more effectively.
SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter
SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter
Specifications Of SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter :
SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter
Applications For SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter
* Machine Tools
* Grinding Machine
* Honing Machine
* Steel Bright Bars Manufacturing
* Deep Hole Drill Machine
* Drill Machine
* Centreless Grinding Machine
* Water Treatment Pant
* Gear Grinding Machine
* Tool Rooms
* Bearing Manufacturers
* Industrial Washing Machine Manufactures
* Steel Ball / Roller Manufactures
* Drill Manufactures
* Textiles Spindle Manufactures
* Thread Grinding
* Special Purpose Machine Tools
* Steel Plants

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SEPRO Compact Band Paper Filter

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